Chromium Metal Powder
Metal chromium powder 98

Product Name: Metal Chromium Powder.
Metal chromium powder is made of metal chromium through physical methods: crushing, processing, grinding into powder.
Product Properties: Silver grey irregular powder, insoluble in water and nitric acid, soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.
Product Specifications and Standards: complete models, such as, 95-99A metal chromium, national and non-national standard models. Brand and standard are with reference to the National Standard GB/T 3211-2008.
Product Granularity: customized according to customer needs.
Product Usage: Metal chromium powder is used as a raw material in metallurgy and made into alloy materials with other metals, chromium powder spraying can make the product surface corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant; and its welding materials are mainly used for welding stainless steel materials.
Product Packaging: Barreled and Bagged.